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76 percent of older workers see age discrimination as a hurdle to finding a new job; another report found that more than half of these older workers are prematurely pushed out of longtime jobs and 90 percent of them never earn as much again (AARP)

Older women experience the worst degree of age discrimination; a significant portion of older women live near or in poverty - women of color and LGBTQ women even more likely to age in poverty than their white counterparts. (Justice in Aging)


of older adults report experienced at least one form of age discrimination in their day-to-day lives (AARP)

Racial, ethnic minority groups, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, and women are likely to enter old age in poorer health, financially insecure, and at greater risk of vulnerability due to life-long discrimination and marginalization.

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Ageism and COVID-19

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American Society on Aging

Future Proof: How to Ally with Older Adults Facing Systemic Discrimination & Marginalization


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The Most Insidious Form of Age Discrimination at Work by Next Avenue


Ageism and the Elderly

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