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Overcoming Digital Inequities among Visually Impaired Older Adults

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A partnership of Visions, Lighthouse Guild and Helen Keller, in collaboration with the Aging in New York Fund and DFTA, this effort will demonstrate...


Our goal, through access to and training on appropriate digital technology, to improve medical and mental health care through technological modalities, to create linkages to virtual and in-person social, recreational and educational programs that will enhance connectedness and interaction. The research derived from this effort will demonstrate to policy makers how modest financial investments and replication will significantly reduce costs of care and create a more vibrant, engaged older adult population.

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The results of this research, supported by private foundations, will provide a blueprint and replicable model for others in the vision rehabilitation space. It will also demonstrate to policymakers the vital importance of support for accessible technology to ensure the health and wellbeing of blind and visually impaired older adults.

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Evaluating the Impact of Bridging the Digital Divide for Older Adults with Significant Vison Loss

This program will demonstrate how identifying the specific technology needs and targeted training of visually impaired older adults can reduce: social isolation, food insecurity and depression. We intend to improve: access to recreational and exercise programs, access to medical care using telehealth technology and other social determinants of health.

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